Your Trusted Partner in Global Procurement

Northfield enables seamless global supply chain logistics and procurement for manufacturers, multinational companies, governments, and their premium contractors globally.

Unrivaled, end-to-end
global supply chain solutions.

Strengthen relationships and financial outcomes by sourcing products only from inspection-compliant suppliers.

Global Procurement

Leverage our international procurement expertise, large supplier network, and global supply chain logistics experience to provide unrivaled value to customers.

Northfield Production Management

Global Logistics

Bridge communication gaps between manufacturers, distributors and end-users through optimized packaging, inventory management and transport.

Advanced capabilities
for the global supply chain

Strategic Sourcing

Leverage top-rate strategic sourcing expertise and extend logistics support capabilities on demand.

Logistics Management

Cost-effective inventory, transportation and warehousing solutions for your organization.

Contract Management

Standardize contract preparation, negotiations and renewals with manufacturers abroad.


Ensure all local and foreign regulations are met every time you import or export goods.

Quality Control

Automate quality control and periodic inspections of supplier factories and warehouses.

Inventory Management

Augment your inventory control strategy to improve flexibility, visibility, and precision.

Risk Management

Take strategic steps to identify, assess and mitigate risks in your supply chain.

Cost Reduction

Use the latest in supply chain technology to improve customer satisfaction while driving down cost.

Global Footprint

We have boots on the ground on multiple continents. Our teams utilize proven methodologies and experience that bring real value to the organizations we serve.

You can leverage our rapidly expanding global supplier network, strategic sourcing and production management expertise to deliver sustainable results.

Northfield Global Procurement and Logistics Reach