Unparalleled Excellence in the Global Supply Chain

We research, source and transport best-fit products from accredited suppliers around the world for customers seeking expertise in global supply chain management.


Rigorous due diligence on all sourced products.

Our teams spread across two continents conduct due diligence through factory inspections, quality control, supplier compliance verifications and regulatory reviews so you can focus on what you do best.

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Deep expertise supplying distributors.

With over two decades of experience supplying products to our global customers, we have established strong relationships with suppliers, government bodies, GPOs and large distributors.

We maintain standing contracts with third-party quality control companies which assist in the pre-inspection of goods.

In the healthcare domain, for example, we mainly source EMA and FDA 510(k)- compliant products, with all regulatory documents reviewed by our multifunctional teams to ensure maximum compliance.


Global procurement contracts with dedicated production lines.

Quality control

Cross border financial transactions

Adherence to timelines

Price negotiation

Managing expected outputs

Risk management

Regulatory compliance

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Logistics coverage across all time zones.

Our coordinated efforts in sourcing, warehousing and transportation help streamline the import and export of products from top suppliers in North America, Asia and Europe.

Our global supply chain management operations expedite high-volume deliveries of internationally sourced supplies to their country of destination.


Beyond sourcing, transportation & warehousing.

Northfield handles supplier negotiations, customs clearance and financial management to help our clients reach their goals.

Our partners include suppliers, export companies, ports authority organizations, third-party logistics service providers, and quality control companies worldwide.

Northfield Supply Chain Management

Experience Global Procurement the Northfield Way

Global Procurement

Leverage international procurement expertise, a large supplier network and deep market knowledge to provide unrivaled value to your customers.

Production Management

Bridge communication gaps between manufacturer and buyer through optimized production capacity and dedicated production lines.

Visionary Leadership Team

Northfield is committed to meeting your future needs in the fast-changing world of global procurement and production management.

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