Production Management

We strive to optimize resource allocation through production management at the source by negotiating dedicated production lines for your high-volume products.

We help our clients source high-quality products from manufacturers around the world.

Northfield Production and Manufacturing Management

Contracts often require productional allocations able to meet a high volume of demand. Leverage our established relationships with factories across the globe for production management to quickly procure needed products when the need arises.

It’s hard to replicate global supply routes without the decades of experience required to build strong relationships. That’s why we’re here.

Production Management Capabilities

With our global footprint and the full range of supply chain and production management services on offer, Northfield assures round-the-clock supplier support. Our capabilities are second to none.

Quality Control

Automate quality control and periodic inspections of supplier factories and warehouses.


Ensure all local and foreign regulations are met every time you source goods from abroad.

Capacity Analysis

Cost-effective inventory and capacity management solutions for your organization.

Risk Management

Take strategic steps to identify, assess and mitigate risks in your supply chain.

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