Global Procurement

We manage all global procurement needs including strategic sourcing, materials management, contract management, and supplier performance functions to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

Go beyond conventional sourcing strategies by setting up ongoing relationships with factories and foreign suppliers.

Northfield Worldwide Procurement

Our local teams are active in major international markets across North America, Europe and Asia.

With 25 years of experience supplying multiple industries at scale, we have established contracts with reputable suppliers with the aim of procuring high-quality supplies at competitive prices and delivering savings to our customers.

Key Capabilities in Global Procurement

With our global footprint and the full range of supply chain services on offer, Northfield assures round-the-clock supplier support. Our capabilities are second to none.

Strategic Sourcing

Leverage top-rate strategic sourcing expertise and extend logistics support capabilities on demand.

Contract Management

Standardize contract preparation, negotiations and renewals with manufacturers abroad.

Inventory Management

Augment your inventory control strategy to improve flexibility, visibility, and precision.

Cost Reduction

Use the latest in supply chain technology to improve customer satisfaction while driving down cost

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